Discover Unmatched Beauty and Versatility with Our Reception Room in the Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury area. 

Our Reception Room is situated in the heart of our 35 acre property.
It offers an extraordinary experience that marries timeless elegance with the stunning vistas of the surrounding valley and mountains. 

Your Dream Event Space in Blue Mountains

Imagine hosting your special occasion in a space that seamlessly accommodates up to 200 guests. 

Our Reception Room is a canvas for your vision, where tables, chairs, and lights harmonize to create an ambiance that’s simply magical. 

Even un-styled or with minimal décor, our reception room has everything you need for a minimal wedding, without the need for additional hire. However, when styled, our Chapel Hill reception room can be transformed to suit your unique vision.

Versatile Styling for Every Theme 

Our Reception Room is your blank canvas, ready to transform into your dream setting. 

Whether you envision a rustic celebration or a modern fairytale, our space adapts to your theme effortlessly. The room is adorned with chandeliers and a cosy fireplace mantle and features the option to upgrade with a captivating light canopy that is preinstalled for your convenience. 

Your chosen style comes to life with a touch of Blue Mountains charm. 

Lauren & Sheldon

A Glimpse of Natural Splendour

Step onto our spacious deck and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury. 

As your celebration unfolds, the stunning landscapes become an integral part of your experience, creating memories against a backdrop of awe-inspiring nature. 

While our reception room is often plenty big enough to include an internal dance floor, for larger weddings or for some fresh air, large bi-fold doors can be opened, allowing the dancing to spill out onto our decks surrounding the room.

From Grand to Intimate

Whether you’re planning a grand wedding with long or round tables (we can supply either) or an intimate micro wedding, our Reception Room is suitable.

Capture the essence of your romance by the fireside or dance the night away. And with room for an internal bar, your libations flow freely in this stress-free space. 



The reception room has a seated capacity of 160 for sit-down receptions and a standing capacity of 200 for more cocktail style weddings. It’s suitable for large and small guest lists and we can also flow out onto the deck for extra space.


Inside the reception room building we have both a ladies and gentleman’s restrooms and a disabled restroom too. Our commercial grade kitchen is also located inside this building. Our reception room can also accommodate an indoor bar, gift table and cake table. 


Our reception room is highly accessible with wheelchair access as well as multiple entry points on all sides. There are also stairs that run directly from the carpark to the reception room or ramp access from the side. 


The reception room is located centrally on the Chapel Hill property. With a carpark for guests just outside and just a short stroll from accommodation and the majority of our ceremony sites, it’s convenient and easy to access in any weather.


The advantage of our Chapel Hill reception room is that it’s a blank canvas that is already beautifully styled with our standard out-of-the-box décor and styling. However, you can easily layer your own style on top to create something completely unique and breathtaking. 


In the event of wet weather on your wedding day, one of our popular wedding ceremony sites adjoins the reception room. Our verandah ceremony site is a wonderful wet weather back-up plan that ensures your guests are kept dry and comfortable as they transition from ceremony to reception. 

An Unforgettable Celebration in Blue Mountains 

Your journey begins here, where our Reception Room is more than a space – it’s a haven for your cherished moments to celebrate your marriage in style. Let the beauty of the Hawkesbury Valley and the allure of the Blue Mountains be the backdrop to your love story.  

Contact us today to embark on a magical journey that begins with your dream event at our Reception Room.